• Temporary Land Use Application


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    • Only eligible food service, retail, dance studio, and fitness center establishments may apply.

    • Use of right of way parking spaces for dining and retail will exclude Harlem Avenue, Ogden Avenue, and Cermak Road.

    • Permit is valid until November 15, 2020 which may be extended or diminished by Mayor Lovero.

    • Outdoor dining on grass is not permitted.

    • Hours of operation are limited to the following:

      • Sunday – Thursday: no later than 10:00 PM; music must stop by 9:00 PM

      • Friday – Saturday: no later than midnight; music must stop by 11:00 PM

    • A completed permit application is required, including the following:

      • A basic site plan as to where and how you will set up your outdoor seating or displays, location of waste containers, as well as dimensions showing seating capacity and compliance with social distancing regulations (this can be hand drawn, provided it is clear). Plan need not be to scale but shall show exact length and width dimensions of entire outdoor seating or display relative to the associated business, building, curb line, and existing encumbrances on the public way. Public way encumbrances include, but are not limited to, parking meters, fire hydrants, bike racks, light poles, and trees. Examples of how to sketch site plans can be found here and here

      • Photos of the area to be used for outdoor business activities.

      • A summary identifying the steps you will take to provide maintenance and clean-up of your area, as well as how you will comply with social distancing regulations and safety protocols, if you intend to provide outdoor seating in any portion of a parking lot.

      • Details on any barriers or protection to be used to protect patrons, for outdoor seating proposed for parking lots.

      • If using public right-of-way in front of an adjacent business, written permission and contact information for that business owner must be included in application.

      • Certificate of insurance*

    *Certificate of insurance will need to list the City of Berwyn as an additional insured if outside space use includes public property.


    • Businesses with existing outdoor dining permits do not need to apply for a new permit but MUST provide a diagram showing seating compliance with social distancing regulations and safety protocols. Click Here to submit a diagram.

    • Patio space may be accessed through existing businesses.

    • Indoor restrooms can be accessed by outdoor patrons.



    • Businesses may also apply for tent permits for outdoor coverage. Tents may be secured with no more than ONE (1) wall, so as not to enclose patrons. Use of tents must be in adherence to the manufacturer’s guidelines and be properly secured to address existing wind loads. Prompt removal of tents must occur if wind loads exceed the manufacturer’s installation guidelines.



    The applicant agrees that they have read and will adhere to the following guidelines established by the Berwyn Health Department:

    Seated INDOOR dining is NOT permitted in Phase 3. Be mindful of weather conditions. Customers should not be seated if inclement weather is forecasted.  In case of inclement weather or emergency while customers are outdoor dining, food should be packaged to-go and customers encouraged to leave.

    Use technological solutions where possible to reduce person-to-person interaction (e.g., mobile ordering, mobile access to menus, text on arrival for seating, contactless payment options). Reservations or call ahead seating is recommended to promote social distancing and prevent groups of guests waiting for tables. Establishments may use a text alert system to alert guests of available seating, an intercom system for guests waiting in their vehicles or limiting one member in the waiting area for their table to be ready.



    Employees with Direct customer contact shall wear cloth or mask face coverings that provide proper protection over their nose and mouth when at work and around others in settings where social distancing may be difficult.  Patrons are to arrive with a cloth or mask face covering. Masks need not be worn during dining but are to be utilized when entering, exiting, or using restroom facilities in an establishment. Exceptions can be made for people with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from safely wearing a face covering. Keep in mind that face coverings prevent the spread of droplets to others. Be respectful of those around you.



    Place signs at entrance with face covering requirements, social distancing guidelines, health screening requirements, in multiple languages, if possible. This includes social distancing guidelines utilizing a minimum of 6-ft allowance between patrons seated at tables or other designated customer service areas. Barriers are used strategically to deter unauthorized foot traffic. Limit tables to no more than six (6) guests per table utilizing acceptable spacing amongst seated guests. If practical, allow one-way traffic flow in and out of restaurant to the outdoor seating area to limit any congregation.


    Customers should be screened upon reservation and arrival as to whether anyone in the party is positive, has any symptoms, is under quarantine, or has been exposed to COVID-19. (Signage available in the IDPH Toolkit). If practical, employer should take customer temperature using thermometer (infrared/thermal cameras preferred; touchless thermometers permitted).



    Disinfect all front-of-house surfaces including door handles, screens, phones, pens, keyboards and other areas upon hand contact or every two hours, at a minimum. Alcohol-based hand-sanitizer should be made readily available at the reception area for both customers and employees. Use prewrapped silverware and ELIMINATE table presets including table tents, menus, salt and pepper shakers, napkin dispensers, and condiments. Glass containers or bottles are not permitted. Items are to be delivered to table on a tray to minimize hand contact with food. If used, clean and sanitize any reusable items such as menus, digital ordering devices, check presenters, pens, napkin dispensers, salt and pepper shakers, and other commonly touched items between each customer use. Disinfect tables and chairs after each customer use.



    Cleaning and disinfecting of premises should be conducted in compliance with CDC protocols on a routine basis. Create and implement and enhanced cleaning/sanitizing schedule for all food contact surfaces, and cleaning/disinfecting of non-food contact surfaces; if practical, have designated staff member responsible for cleaning. Tables must be made of plastic, metal, or other like material to allow for easy surface cleaning. Wood surfaces are not permitted.



    Before allowing external supplier or non-customer visitor to enter, or while requiring them to wait in a designated area, employer should ask whether external supplier or visitor is currently exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. If practical, employer should take external supplier or non-customer visitor temperature using thermometer. Employer should keep log of all external suppliers who enter premises.



    If practical, group employees in clusters and schedule groups on same shifts to reduce cross-team exposure. Where possible, workstations should be staggered to avoid employees standing directly opposite one another or next to each other and maintain six feet of social distance.



    Screen all employees each shift before entering the facility and mid-shift for symptoms (i.e., fever of 100°F or higher, cough, shortness of breath, runny or stuffy nose, sore throat, muscle aches, fatigue, diarrhea, or vomiting). Immediately exclude anyone with symptoms from entering.



    If any employee does contract COVID-19, they should remain isolated at home for a minimum of fourteen (14) days after symptom onset and can be released after feverless and feeling well for at least 72 hours OR has two (2) negative COVID-19 tests in a row, with testing done at least 24 hours apart.

    Any employee that has had close contact with co-worker(s) or any other person who is diagnosed with COVID-19 is required to quarantine for fourteen (14) days after the last/most recent contact with the infectious individual and encouraged to seek a COVID-19 test. Where appropriate, notify employees who have been exposed. If an employee is identified as being COVID-19 positive by testing, CDC cleaning and disinfecting is required and should be performed as soon after the confirmation of a positive test as practical. For more detailed guidance, please view the following link:


    The undersigned agrees that they have read the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s Phase 3 Common Guidelines for all Phase 3 Businesses and Operations as well as any of the applicable subset guidelines for my industry:



    Recursos en español:


    Restaurant and Bars For Outdoor Dining Guidelines. (https://dceocovid19resources.com/assets/Restore-Illinois/businessguidelines3/restaurantbars.pdf)


    The undersigned agrees that they will post a copy of this permit and the Illinois Restaurant Promise (https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.illinoisrestaurants.org/resource/resmgr/a/illinois_restaurant_promise.pdf) prominently on the exterior wall or window of the main business establishment.


    All approvals are subject to receipt of Certificate of Insurance naming the City of Berwyn as an additional insured.

    For additional information, please contact David Hulseberg with the Berwyn Development Corporation (331-302-0830) or Anthony Perri with the City of Berwyn (708-788-2660 x3140).



  • Paper Application can be submitted via email to info@berwyn.net or via fax to F: (708) 788-0966

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