• Diversely Owned Business Resources


    The Berwyn Development Corporation strives to empower all businesses to achieve the highest level of success and thereby help to create the strongest possible local economy. We identify that there are many barriers that minority-owned businesses face in achieving this goal. As a result, the BDC has developed programs and partnerships with community organizations to assist minority-owned businesses. The first step that one can take in supporting this initiative is identifying one's self as a minority-owned business.


    Berwyn Development Corporation se esfuerza por capacitar a todas las empresas para que logren el más alto nivel de éxito y, por lo tanto, ayudar a crear la economía local más sólida posible. Identificamos que existen muchas barreras que enfrentan las empresas propiedad de minorías para lograr este objetivo. Como resultado, el BDC ha desarrollado programas y asociaciones con organizaciones comunitarias para ayudar a las empresas propiedad de minorías. El primer paso que se puede dar para apoyar esta iniciativa es identificarse como una empresa propiedad de minorías.

    Necesito apoyo para mi negocio. Contacto: info@berwyn.net o 708-788-8100



  • Economic Opportunity Resources and Partners

    Illinois Office of Minority Empowerment

    The Office of Minority Economic Empowerment will focus and promote opportunities for all minority communities across the state through targeted programs, resources and advocates. The goal is to ensure minority enterprises have an equal opportunity to contribute to the growth of the Illinois economy and serve as an advocate for businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups in traditionally economically-disadvantaged groups. The BDC's contact: Diana Alfaro, Latino Business Development Manager.

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    The mission of the Women’s Business Development Center (WBDC) is to support and accelerate business development and growth, targeting women and serving all diverse business owners, in order to strengthen their participation in, and impact on, the economy. The BDC's contact: Maura Mitchell, Managing Director, Entrepreneurial Services: 312-853-3477 x 130 | mmitchell@wbdc.org


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  • BDC's Women in Business Monthly Meetings

    It’s time to #LeanInTogether. The BDC’s Women in Business Group is founded on the belief that we are better together than alone.

    The Women in Business Group is Berwyn’s first and only forum for women in all levels of business. Expect lively discussion on issues that are important to your growth. Connect with other local professionals on a deeper level, learn new best practices and build comradery with other women conquering the same challenges you face in your business and career. Want to join an upcoming meeting? Email: paolag@berwyn.net