• Business Awards

  • Honoring Our Business Champions at the BCD Annual Meeting

    Berwyn's greatest asset has always been the dedication of our exceptional people. The BDC Annual Meeting is an evening of cocktails and accolades. This event gives special honor to the recipients of the Ashby and Piper Awards while celebrating the entire BDC business community. Join us as we honor the 34th Annual Charles E. Piper Award Winner Ann Mackin and 9th Annual George W. Ashby Award Winner The James Joyce Irish Pub, on Tuesday, January 15, 2019 at Wire.



  • George W. Ashby Award for Business Excellence

    Celebrate with us at BDC Annual Meeting, an evening of cocktails and an abundance of small bites, on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

    The George W. Ashby Award for Business Excellence is a local honor named after one of Berwyn’s distinguished early architects. This award celebrates Berwyn's "Business of the Year" and its exceptional business enterprise. Mr. Ashby was responsible for the design of every grade school in Berwyn as well as J. Sterling Morton High School. The award is given annually to one Berwyn-based business that presents a professional and favorable image to Berwyn, provides quality goods or services, maintains a visually appealing space, and practices high-quality customer service to its patrons.

  • Past George W. Ashby Award Winners

  • 2010   Olive or Twist Martini Bar
    2011   James & Williams Jewelers
    2012   Paisans Pizzeria & Bar
    2013   Autre Monde Café & Spirits

  • 2014   World’s Largest Laundromat
    2015   Big Guys Sausage Stand
    2017   Vesecky's Bakery
    2018   Berwyn's Culver's

  • Charles E. Piper Award

    Celebrate with us at BDC Annual Meeting, an evening of cocktails and an abundance of small bites, on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

    The Charles E. Piper Award is awarded annually to those individuals selected for recognition of their business achievements and/or their contribution to the economic vitality of the City of Berwyn. This award celebrates Berwyn's "Business Person of the Year" and their exceptional contribution of time, talent and treasures to the betterment of Berwyn. Charles Piper can be best described as resilient, visionary and dynamic. As Berwyn’s first citizen, Mr. Piper’s work in developing present-day Berwyn began in the 1890s. Against the odds and using his own private funds, he was able to build the hub of Berwyn, the Berwyn Train Station; assisted with the high quality and stringent building standards which produced our City of Homes; and laid out a land plan which produced multiple business corridors and diversified the city’s tax base.

  • Past Charles E. Piper Award Winners

  • 1985   Frank R. Kasper
    1986   Robert L. Anderson, Jr.
    1987   Renato Turano
    1988   James W. Reilly
    1989   Paul Dinolfo
    1990   Thomas G. Shaughnessy
    1991    Jack R. Kubik
    1992   Vlasta Sneberger
    1993   Edward A. Karasek
    1994   Kenneth E. Cechura
    1995   Joseph J. Pav

  • 1996   George Lykouretzos
    1997   Richard Romani
    1998   William J. Hlavacek, Sr.
    1999   Roger C. Forcash
    2000   Lawrence D. Bell
    2001   Stanley D. Loula
    2002   Robert Jacklin, Sr.
    2003   Jon Fey
    2004   Randy Womack
    2005   Alba Lovero
    2006   Tom Benson

  • 2007   Dorothy Chiero
    2008   William Hlavacek, Jr.
    2009   Scott Lennon
    2010   Michelle Bednarz
    2011   Aimée Sordelli
    2012   Robert J. Lovero
    2013   Marlene Comella
    2014   Richard "Jousef" Mondragon
    2015   Nora Laureto
    2017   John Aranza
    2018   Eddie Garcia