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  • BDC x Dominican University Social Media and Marketing Internship Application - Fall 2024

    The BDC has teamed up with Dominican University to create a digital marketing internship program. This program will focus on improving the online presence of businesses by creating or enhancing social media accounts with an option to create a new website. If you are a Berwyn business looking to expand your business model, this is for you. Apply today!

    **Please note: the student intern will NOT be placed to help with your day to day business operations**
    I understand that this internship is focused on social media and digital marketing. The student is not expected to work at my place of business to help with day to day operations.
    If answered No, do not continue application.
    Are you a BDC chamber member? *
    Does the business owner identify as any of the below? Check all that apply. *
    What is the current online presence of your business? *
    Do you have a corporate policy that all social media needs to be approved before posting? *
    The success of this internship program, both for the business and the student, will depend heavily on keeping flexible schedules and open line of communication. Are you willing and able to comply? *
    I understand that biweekly check-ins with the BDC regarding the progress of the internship is required. *
    I understand that weekly check-ins with the intern are required regarding the progress of the internship. *
    I understand that I may need to spend 30-60 minutes per week gathering information, photos, or videos, so that my intern can make proper edits. *
    I understand that the required time commitment is up to 2 hours per week, spread across the following categories: weekly meetings with my intern, biweekly meetings with BDC, and gathering information for my intern. *
    I understand that my intern's grade and ability to graduate are dependent on the success of this internship. *