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  • I already have an approved patio by the City

    Businesses with existing outdoor dining permits do not need to apply for a new permit but MUST provide a diagram showing seating compliance with social distancing regulations and safety protocols.
    Patio space may be accessed through existing businesses

    Indoor restrooms can be accessed by outdoor patrons
    Business Address
    Upload a basic site plan as to where and how you will set up your outdoor seating or displays, location of waste containers, as well as dimensions showing seating capacity and compliance with social distancing regulations (this can be hand drawn, provided it is clear). Plan needs not be to scale but shall show exact length and width dimensions of entire outdoor seating or display relative to the associated business, building, curb line, and existing encumbrances on the public way. Public way encumbrances include, but are not limited to, parking meters, fire hydrants, bike racks, light poles, and trees.
    Please outline the steps in bullet points.
    Please outline the steps in bullet points.
    The undersigned agrees that they have read the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity’s Phase 3 Common Guidelines for all Phase 3 Businesses and Operations as well as any of the applicable subset guidelines for my industry:
    · Toolkit for Health and Fitness Centers · Toolkit for Manufacturing · Toolkit for Personal Care Services · Toolkit for Retail Businesses · Toolkit for Service Counters · Toolkit for Youth Sports · Toolkit for Restaurants & Bars · Guidelines for Outdoor Recreation · Guidelines for Day Camps Restaurant and Bars For Outdoor Dining Guidelines. (https://dceocovid19resources.com/assets/Restore-Illinois/businessguidelines3/restaurantbars.pdf)
    The undersigned agrees that they will post a copy of this permit and the Illinois Restaurant Promise.
    (https://cdn.ymaws.com/www.illinoisrestaurants.org/resource/resmgr/a/illinois_restaurant_promise.pdf) prominently on the exterior wall or window of the main business establishment.
    Format: M/d/yyyy