• 9/16/2020
    Below please see an updated list of funding resources available for Berwyn businesses. These funding resources range from new grants available from the state to TIF programs and recent tax incentive programs. 


    A continuación, vea una lista actualizada de recursos de financiación disponibles para las empresas de Berwyn. Estos recursos de financiación van desde nuevas subvenciones disponibles del estado hasta programas TIF y programas recientes de incentivos fiscales.



    Cook County COVID-19 Recovery - Small Business Assistance



    The Cook County COVID-19 Recovery: Small Business Assistance program provides support for small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program offers advising for small businesses in Cook County and grants for small businesses in suburban Cook County and the unincorporated areas.




    Eligibility for this program is based on the following criteria:
    • Businesses located in municipalities within suburban Cook County and in the unincorporated areas 
    • Businesses with 20 or fewer employees 
    • Sales reduced (>20%) by COVID-19 in any month from March-July vs. February 2020 
    • Businesses who have not received federal funding in the past, or businesses that have received federal funding and intend to use the Cook County Recovery Grant for expenses different than what federal funding was used for 
    • For-profit small businesses only are eligible (non-profit organizations are not eligible). 
    Steps to apply:
    1. Click on link:
      1. Landing page for more information: https://www.cookcountysmallbusinessassistance.com/
      2. Application link in English: https://nextstreet.submittable.com/submit/174227/cook-county-covid-19-small-business-grant-application
      3. Aplicación en español: https://nextstreet.submittable.com/submit/174789/solicitud-de-subvencion-del-condado-de-cook-para-pequenas-empresas-afectadas-por
    2. Create an account on Submittable (it is free)
    3. Fill out form with general business information
    4. When asked, attach the following documents:
      1. 2019 Tax Return Form (or latest tax return)
      2. W-9 with date and signature
      3. 2020 business bank statement for any month
      4. Valid ID (such as, driver's license, state ID, passport, or consulate ID)


    For further information, or help applying for this program, please contact Kendra Shaw at 708-749-6587.

  • Business Interruption Grant Round 2 opens Thursday, September 17!

    This round of the Business Interruption Grant program will make more than $200 million available for businesses experiencing losses or business interruption as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. DCEO, through its grant administrator Accion, will begin accepting applications for this round of Business Interruption Grants on Thursday, September 17, 2020. Before creating your application, gather the documents you will be required to upload. The required documents are based on whether your business operates in a Heavily Impacted Industry, as listed below:
    a. Event center
    b. Music venue
    c. Performing arts venue
    d. Indoor recreation e. Amusement park
    f. Movie theater
    g. Museum
    h. Charter/Shuttle bus service
    Businesses operating in Heavily Impacted Industries must provide revenue and expense documents so that DCEO and partners can more thoroughly substantiate economic losses your business has suffered. 
  • "Thinking about installing or retrofitting your sprinkler system? You're in luck! New tax law allows you to deduct this installation or retrofit from your taxes in the exact same year (rather than the previous 39-year depreciation schedule). The eligible purchase amount was also increased to $1 million.
    "¿Está pensando en instalar o modernizar su sistema de rociadores? ¡Tiene suerte! La nueva ley fiscal le permite deducir esta instalación o modernización de sus impuestos exactamente en el mismo año (en lugar del programa de depreciación anterior de 39 años). El monto de compra elegible También se aumentó a $ 1 millón.


  • Our Finish Line Grant program is now available to every commercial property in our TIF Districts for a second year running. 
    What does this mean for you? If you're a for-profit business that has operated in Berwyn for 2 years or longer, you're potentially eligible for matching grant funds. Eligible expenses include marketing and build-out of your physical space. Here is what you could be eligible for:
    • Marketing match of 50%, up to $500 max
    • Buildout/Facade/Signage match - 50% of the first $10,000, plus 40% of the second $10,000, for up to $9,000 max
    This new program has more than $500,000 total available, and we're trying to maximize the business benefit. If you're interested, you can download the application below.
    Please contact Brett Michaelson at brettm@berwyn.net with any questions.

    Nuestro programa Finish Line Grant ahora está disponible para todas las propiedades comerciales en nuestros distritos TIF por segundo año consecutivo.

    ¿Qué significa esto para ti? Si es una empresa con fines de lucro que ha operado en Berwyn durante 2 años o más, es potencialmente elegible para fondos de subvención equivalentes. Los gastos elegibles incluyen el marketing y la construcción de su espacio físico. Esto es lo que podría ser elegible para:

    Coincidencia de marketing del 50%, hasta un máximo de $ 500
    Buildout / Facade / Signage match: 50% de los primeros $ 10,000, más 40% de los segundos $ 10,000, hasta un máximo de $ 9,000

    Este nuevo programa tiene más de $ 500,000 en total disponibles, y estamos tratando de maximizar el beneficio comercial. Si está interesado, puede descargar la aplicación a continuación.

    Póngase en contacto con Brett Michaelson en brettm@berwyn.net con cualquier pregunta.