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    Angelo Becerra and SERCO 

    Hampton Inn & Suites Bridgeview Chicago 
    Clelia Gomez (Director):  cleliagomez@il.sercohq.com 
    Ana Granados (Business Service Representative):  AGranados@il.sercohq.com 
    Sandra Garcia (Youth Supervisor):  SGarcia@il.sercohq.com 
    Angelo Becerra interning at Hampton Inn & Suites Bridgeview Chicago expressed how grateful he is to have this opportunity to work in a great work environment. Angelo stated without having participated he wouldn’t have been able to get his foot in the door because of all the prerequisites employers have and experience needed. Angelo doesn’t have a high school diploma/GED, so it was very difficult for him to find employment. Once he completes Opportunity Works, he wants to work on getting his GED. Youth were provided with transportation/Work uniform as a supportive service assisting him financially to get to and from work and making sure he has business casual attire. He expressed that was another factor of securing employment. After completing Opportunity Works on Nov.4th Angelo was offered a full-time position at the Hampton Inn in March of next year. Angelo will begin class to obtain his GED at the end of this month.  
    Southwest Suburban Cook County American Job Center 
    7222 W. Cermak Rd. Suite 301 
    North Riverside, IL. 60546 

    Edward and NAMI Metro Suburban
    Coaching & Job Readiness 
    Client’s Success Story
    Latesha Pike (Program Manager) pike@namimetsub.org
    Edward has always loved to work and loves having a job. He works hard and always stays busy. With coaching and job readiness skills learned from NAMI’S Jobs Club, Edward started working for Flex-N-Gate, a division of Ford Motors and has built a reputation as a hardworking, dependable, and loyal employee. Recently Edward took on a position at Talerico-Martin Bakery after being laid off from Ford and “has hit the ground running,” according to his employer. Edward has developed skills there that will last a lifetime, and has built a culture of inclusion and dedication that he otherwise would have never been able to develop in his short time being employed with the bakery.

    Edward’s story is the epitome of a true IPS success story! Employment Specialist assisted and coached Edward with his transition from Flex-N-Gate to Talerico-Martin Bakery. The transition was easy due to the relationship that his Employment Specialist had yielded by job developing. Prior to starting, Edward was able to tour the facility to identify barriers to employment and to see firsthand the tasks that he would be responsible for upon hire. Edward is a full-time employee with the bakery and has properly transitioned into his new role. In addition, with the assistance of his Employment Specialist, Edward was able to secure entitled benefits from his previous employer which served as a cushion until he was able to receive his first paycheck from his new employer.

    Talerico- Martin Bakery and NAMI Metro Suburban
    Supportive Employment​ 
    Client’s Success Story
    Latesha Pike (Program Manager) pike@namimetsub.org

    Employers Story
    NAMI Metro Suburban partnered with Talerico- Martin Bakery in October 2021. We have hired several individuals through NAMI and have personally witnessed the impact hiring and retaining individuals with disabilities can have on a business.

    The partnership with NAMI and Talerico-Martin provides clients with meaningful, competitive employment that is a foundation to their recovery journey. In addition, Talerico- Martin appreciates the fact that NAMI specialists take the time to understand the unique needs of our company, and match the skills of candidates with our staffing requirements to guarantee the best fit for our organization. Moreover, the Supportive Employment specialist has provided HR staff with an applicant pool of dedicated, motivated, and reliable candidates which we anticipate a decrease in turnover and increased employer productivity due to the follow alone support offered by employment specialist.

    NAMI Metro Suburban 
    7604 63RD 
    Summit, IL 60501

    Alan Robledo and Morton West High School 
    College and Career Center â€‹ 
    Student's Success Story

    My initiation for life after high school was a ball of question. The college application process was more than just intimidating, the wall of questions in my mind on proceeded to build as the days went on. I was completely unaware about scholarships, to the point that I didn’t know what FASA stand for. This with the constant pressure of my family to decide on a plan to “ spend the next 4 years” becoming a baring question. Without the support of the college and career center these questions would have overcame me. Walking into the college and career felt extremely welcoming, with a simple question I was instantly brought forward to someone with the answer. Working closely with Mrs. Ursetta and Mr.Ortiz, they helped me establish an almost blueprint format for college. We planned an agenda to make sure I was on target. From creating days to meet, marked days to apply for financial aid, frequent rep visits from colleges, making sure I had received letters of recommendation to then meeting deadlines for applications. I received complete assistance when completing college applications, submitting transcripts test scores, and applying for financial aid. Mrs. Ursetta and Mr. Ortiz offered guidance by providing information about scholarships and other funding opportunities, they also dedicated time to work with me sharing her experiences in college. My counselor Mrs. Romito was a pivotal part navigating me through college application process in finding the right college for my needs and goals.  Ultimately, I can confidently say The stressful situation eased with a simple couple clicks on my computer sending applications out to my future college.

    Morton West High School
    2400 South Home Ave
    Berwyn, IL 60402
    Morton West High School